Magnesium Elektron Precision CNC Machining metals produce sophisticated three-dimensional dies for sculptured embossing and combination embossing / foil stamping dies.

Brass is popular worldwide for CNC Engraving. Magnesium Elektron also offers a brass with photoresist coating for chemical etching--please enquire for availability.

Precision Brass

Magnesium Elektron Precision Brass is a special alloy produced specifically for machine and hand engraving. Hot rolled, milled to ensure surface integrity, cold rolled to the tightest tolerances, flattened and stress relieved. 


Polished one side (no paint)

Tolerance ±0.05mm

Precision Machining Magnesium

Magnesium Elektron Mechanical Engraving Plate is the lightest of all structural metals and safe to machine following recommended practices. Its composition is excellent for high speed machining resulting in faster production and longer tool life.

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