The ThermoFlexX 30 with its maximum plate size of 635x762mm (25x30”) is the perfect fit for the medium web segment. It’s an excellent choice for label & flexible packaging printers who wants their own productive imager and to remain independent whilst making plates in the shortest possible time. ThermoFlexX 48 is an ideal size to fit easily into available space with realistic costs for plate processing equipment and digital workflow. 

Today packaging and pre-press is very straightforward. Why not make you own digital plates in-house

High Quality imaging 

The fiber laser is todays best technology for digital imaging, offering superior quality. The robustly designed ThermoflexX is made out of heavy duty industrial components, which makes high speeds possible without fluctuations and vibrations. This offers accurate and consistent imaging quality. 

High Resolution 

With 5080dpi resolution, we push the quality standards to a higher level.

- smaller screen dots & finer details
- sharper text and line-work
- full image contrast
- greater production stability through platemaking and printing 

Low plate waste 

Clever technical innovations, such as the unique vacuum slider, are based on a clear understanding of the operators’ needs for quick and accurate plate handling of plates, while saving time and costs. 

No more taping for partial plates! 

Innovative screening solutions 

The new ThermoFlexX screening technologies offer superb highlights with a smooth transition to 0% tint value, while solids and line-work are retaining excellent detail. 

Ease of Use 

You can customize your ThermoFlexX to your versatile production needs. With options like the hybrid drum and customized magnet zones and pins, you can handle plates for flexo, letterpress and dry-offset. 

Also dry film and digital screens for
rotary screen printing are possible.
The automatic clamp system makes plate loading very easy. 


Dedicated front-end software, combining simplicity with functionality, resulting in maximum productivity of your ThermoFlexX. 


The ThermoFlexX imagers excel in their choice of resolution. Any of the industry standards can be used: 2400, 2540, 4000, 4800 or 5080dpi. The ThermoFlexX imagers can be integrated with any workflows or rips which can produce 1 bit TIFF file format. Closed file formats such as LEN-files can be converted to 1 bit TIFF format. Our excellent technology is capable of imaging all hybrid and surface screening technology. ThermoFlexX can image all digital plates, from any brand, solvent and water washable or thermal processing, and is compatible with all plate making equipment. 

The choice for ThermoFlexX is a choice for freedom, today and for future investments. 

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