The Evo 2A is the first project delivered by Vianord. It is an »all-in-one« unit in the size 66 x 86 cm (26” x 34”). It is the first unit of its kind and size which is also equipped with a separate pre-wash section for digital plates with black (LAMS) layer running like a flowline (prewash / wash / cleaning / wiping).


• New water circulation cooling bed system
• Uniform and constant temperature without any exposure time limit
.• Vacuum system for analogic plates exposure
• Probe for temperature control
• High concentration of UVA lamps to reach an emission of about 30mw/cm2
• Light integrator
• Lamps air flow cooling system with temperature control
• Optical fibers lamps control 


• Digital washout with separate pre-wash section to prevent contamination of the main washout solvent with black layer
• In-line washout system with front plate entrance and exit
• The new washout system, with brushes’ double movement, allows an extremely fast washout time (from 5 to 10 min. depending on plates thickness)
• Servodrive motor advance system to enable a constant and repetible washout speed
• New volumetric pump and sensitive pressure sensor allow a precise % polymer control
• Automatic solvent replenishment system
• Fresh solvent consumption control over the machine life cycle and programmable over a time frame
• Fresh solvent flow regulation option on the touch screen
• Constant solvent temperature thanks to water circulation serpentine


• 4 sealed drawers to prevent any leak of fumes
• Drying temperature reached in a very reduced time thanks to the new hot air generation and circulation system
• Automatic preheat system
• Automatic switch off option
• Optimal T° uniformity thanks to 2 separate T° controls interfaces
• New air suction sytem design to ensure a faster plate drying


• Auto combined UVAUVC post exposure (simoultaneous/consecutive/delayed)
• Air flow cooling system• Optical fibers lamp control


• Programmable automatic solvent and dryer warmup
• Automatic standby after the last plate processed
• Remote access (optional)
• Active component visualization during the process
• Manual function to run the components separately
• Memorization of the plate process parameters (up to 24 channels)

Dimensions LxWxH

2500 x 1730 x 1190 (panel 285) mm
98 x 68 x 47 (panel 11.2) inches

Power supply

400V 3PH/N/PE 50/60Hz 10kW 16A
230V 3PH/PE 50/60Hz 10kW 28A

Plate thickness

Up to 7 mm / 0.276 inch


min solvent volume for operation: 60 lts
max solvent volume for operation: 110 ltsmax tank volume: 120 ltssolvent in & out pipes: 2 x 16 mm Ø

Packaging dimensions

2780 x 1910 x 1630 mm


1000 kg | 2205 pounds

Maximum plate size

66 x 86 cm | 26 x 34 inches

Compressed air supply

min. 7 bar


1 x 100 mm Ø - 200m3/h
1 x 60 mm Ø - 80m3/h

Packaging gross weights

1500 Kg

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