Evo5 Exposure Led

The EVO E LED is a revolutionary exposure unit (patent pending) designed utilizing “state of the art” high output LED technology to simultaneously back and main expose any digital plate. This technology with such outstanding performances is unique in the market, available only from Vianord R&D. It will be available during the first quarter of 2015. Capable of exposing any plate up to 1320mm/52”in width and any thickness. Stand alone” unit for the moment, it will be soon implemented and available in the automatic version to upgrade any Easy to Plate configuration.


-Perfect flat top dots together with an extremely fast exposure
-No need to flip the plate between back and main exposure: less plate handling, shorter processing time, less risk of plate damaging
-User friendly interface: adjustable UVA output and transfer speed
-48 channels are available to memorise different plate parameters
-All the same common features as all other equipment from Vianord; such as remote monitoring (optional), components’ life staus, manual functions, preventive maintenance etc...
-Extremely stable, repeatable results for both back and main exposures
-Higlhy accurate temperature control system to ensure the cooling of both the plate and the LEDs

Dimensions LxWxH

900 x 2200 x 1150 (panel 285) mm
35.4 x 86.6 x 45.3 (panel 11.2) inches

Power supply

400V 3PH/N/PE 50/60Hz 8.5kW 14A
230V 3PH/PE 50/60Hz 8.5kW 25A

Plate thickness

 Up to 7 mm / 0.276 inches




 420 kg | 925 pounds

Maximum plate size

132 x 203 cm | 52 x 80 inches

Compressed air supply

min. 6 bar



Packaging dimensions

 1170 x 2420 x 1700 mm

Packaging gross weights

 616 Kg

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