The Most Valuable Plate for Your Printing Needs

MacDermid MVP is the newest medium durometer, analog sheet photopolymer plate from MacDermid. Its durable design results in higher quality print and increased productivity.

This 50 durometer plate has exceptional resilience, allowing for faster press speeds and reduced bounce. Ink transfer is enhanced, delivering extremely smooth solids and crisp, clean-running process color images every time. MVP plates work well with a wide variety of substrates and inks.

When you want the most valuable plate in your line-up, count on the company that says, “Yes We Can”, MacDermid.

Key Features

• High Resilience
• Excellent Durability
• Low Dot Gain
• Quick Imaging


Flexible Packaging
Tags & Labels
Folding Carton
Sacks, Paper, Multiwall

Technical Specifications

MVP is available in thicknesses of 0.045" (1.14mm) - 0.112" (2.84mm) and in sizes up to 52" x 80"(1,320mm x 2,032mm). Please contact your MacDermid representative for details.

Reproduction capabilities

Halftones: 0.045-0.112” gauge (1.14mm – 2.84mm)

1 - 95% at 175 lpi (69 lines/cm)

Fine lines: 0.002 in. (0.05mm) width

Isolated Dots: 0.003 in. (0.08 mm) diameter

Fine lines and isolated dots using 0.067 (1.70mm) plate

Plate processing

Use with SOLVIT® QD is recommended. Most other safe-solvent solutions may be used.

Processing times for any particular job are determined by equipment, copy requirements and plate thickness.

Ink/Solvent Compatibility

MVP plates have ink compatibility similar to natural rubber. Plates are compatible with water and alcohol based inks containing up to 25% acetate
MVP is not recommended for oil-based inks, hydrocarbon solvents, or inks with acetate ester content higher than 25%.


MVP is an analog sheet photopolymer for use in labels, folding carton, multi-wall bag, preprinted liner, flexible packaging and other flexo markets that require a medium durometer plate

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