A plate designedspecifically for printing  "white whites"

MacDermid's digital MWW was designed for optimized white ink laydown, providing higher opacity, reduce mottle and improved over print performance.
Digital MWW's formulation can be combined with the MacDermid LUX® process, along with specific advanced prepress screening techniques, to give a true step change in white ink laydown. This step change can also result in direct saving in ink, due to the ability to move from a two pass process toa single station of white ink.

Key features

  • Optimized plate durometer for enhanced ink trasfer capability
  • Can be used in combination with the MacDermid Lux process for even greater optimization of ink transfer
  • The resulting white ink laydown produces the following benefits: Ink opacity, low mottle and brighter over print colors



Flexible packaging

Technical specifications

Digital MWW is available in ticknesses of 0.045" (1.12mm) up to 0.107" (2.71mm) and sizes up to 52" x 80" (1,320mm x 2,032mm).

Plate processing

Digital MWW can be processed with  SOLVIT®M100 or SOLVIT® QD in common solvent processing systems. Most other safe-solvent solutions may also be used.

Processing times for any particular job and process are determined by equipment and other factors.

Ink/solvent compatibility

When printed with solvent-based white inks, digital MWW should only be used for a single print run. Repeat use may result in change in print performance, and thus is not reccomended.


Digital MWW is a digital sheet photopolymer for use in flexible packaging and other flexo markets that require white background printing; particulary targeting high opacity, low mottle and brighter over print colors.

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