The Right Digital Printing Plate For Corrugated Board Printing

MacDermid Digital MGC is the digital sheet photopolymer specifically designed to address all direct print corrugated board requirements.

Digital MGC sheet photopolymer is the digital version of (analog) MGC. It delivers all the benefits of MGC, plus the fine resolution and imaging capability expected from a digital photopolymer plate. And moving from analog to digital is even even easier because the plate’s high performance surface remains the same.

The soft plate durometer, 32 Shore A, provides excellent solids coverage, while its low tack and high resilience offer long and clean press runs. Digital MGC has the added capability to quickly image the finest detail providing superior print quality and cycle time savings for the plate maker.

For exceptional, direct printing on corrugated board, count on the company that says “Yes We Can”, MacDermid.

Key Features

• Quick wash out
• Holds the finest detail in all plate thicknesses
• Image fidelity for high-end graphic and halftone reproduction in all plate thicknesses
• No cupping allows for uniform impression at all process speeds
• Chip resistant, tack free and extremely durable



Technical Specifications

Digital MGC is available in thicknesses of 0.107"(2.72mm) - 0.250"(6.35mm)and in sizes up to 52" x 80"(1,320mm x 2,032mm). Please contact your MacDermid representative for details.

Ink/Solvent Compatibility

Digital MGC plates have ink compatibility similar to natural rubber. Plates are compatible with water and alcohol based inks containing up to 25% acetate. Digital MGC is not recommended for oil-based inks, hydrocarbon solvents, or inks with acetate ester content higher than 25%.


Digital MGC is a sheet photopolymer for use in corrugated post print markets and other flexo markets that require a soft durometer plate.

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