VIP 50 is the first and the only one magnesium engraving machine , FULLY AUTOMATIZED. It is a dry –to – dry process and the operator never touch or breath the chemicals used in the process.

The exposed plate is simply locked on a flat base.

The operator can fix the process which can be done in two way : the  semi-automatic, so only develop the plate and stop the process for a further control or start the fully automatic which include develop and etching.

The video show the semi-automatic process

The Plate is developed , washed and dried and it goes back for the visual control.

A warning sound and light signal inform the end of the semi-automatic process and the checking can be done.

The operator control the quality of the plates, and start the etching process, at the end the plate goes back fully dried without any left over of chemical compound.

To process a plate ( size 762 x 550 ) with a semi-automatic process takes 30 minutes , for a fully automatic less than 25 minutes. The operator to handle the full process stand close to the equipment LESS than 1 minute.

VIP 50 : the only one equipment ENVIROMENTAL FRIENDLY  , dry-to-dry process , less man power and user friendly.

Dimension Vip 50:
Length mm. 8860 - width mm. 2500 - height mm. 2400

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