The ThermoFlexX 80 with its maximum plate size of 1270x2030mm (50x80”) is the perfect fit for the large web segment. It’s an excellent choice for ambitious printers and trade shops to make plates in the shortest time possible at highest quality. 
ThermoFlexX 80 is an ideal size to handle large size plates or making large amounts of jobs together, reducing material waste to a minimum. 

High Quality Imaging 
The new generation optical system offers superior quality thanks to a unique design using leading edge technology. The fiber laser represents todays best technology for digital imaging, offering superior quality. The robustly designed ThermoflexX is made using heavy duty industrial components, making high speeds possible without fluctuation and vibrations. This provides the most accurate and consistent imaging quality available today. 

High Resolution 
With 5080dpi resolution, we push quality standards to a higher level.- smaller screen dots & finer details - sharper text and line-work- full image contrast- greater production stability through platemaking and printing

The new imaging system is not only built for optimum quality, but also to combine this quality with superior speeds. Productivity of 6m2/h can be achieved at standard quality (2540dpi). This can be doubled to 12m2, thanks to our Dual Head Imaging concept. This concept also offers a certain level of redundancy. 

Ease of Use 
The ThermoFlexX 80 can automatically load and unload plates with one touch of a button. Manual plate handling is one of the main causes of plate damage. With this in mind we designed the Flextray. This mobile table, which can be adjusted in height and tilted, facilitates very easy plate handling and transport. 

The new Multiplate 4.0 has an intuitive interface providing amazing ease of use. 1bit TIFS are arranged automatically or manually and jobs of different resolutions can be combined. The status of different jobs is intuitively presented. With the search and filter tool you can easily find any previous files, even if they are stored in an archive.

ThermoFlexX imagers excel in their choice of resolution. Any of the industry standards can be used. The ThermoFlexX imagers can be integrated with any workflow or RIP that can produce 1 bit TIFF file format. Closed file formats such as LEN-files can be converted to 1 bit TIFF. ThermoFlexX can image all digital plates, any brand, solvent and water washable or thermal processing, and is compatible with all plate making equipment. 

Low Plate Waste
Clever technical innovations, such as the unique vacuum slider, demonstrate our understanding that users need to save cost and time. No more taping for partial plates! 

Laser Protection Plate
A plate flying off because of manipulation problems can happen on any CTP. These accidents can seriously damage the imaging unit leaving it out of comission for days as a consequence. A protection plate is installed on a separate rail system intercepts any impact from a plate at any time. 

Automatic Calibration 
The new generation optical system offers superior quality thanks to a unique design using leading edge technology. Our standard auto-calibration system always ensures that jobs are imaged perfectly. 

Innovative Screening 
New ThermoFlexX screening technology offers superb highlights with a smooth transition to 0% tint value, while solids and linework retain excellent detail. 

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