Digital photopolymer plates “Simonazzi Plate”

The digital photopolymer plates “Simonazzi-plate” for the print shop and dry-offset, combine the quality of CTP (computer-to-plate) with the simplicity of water plates and the reduction of processing times with the environmental sustainability as it does not require solvent for the washing process.


  • Letterpress printing high-quality
  • Dry offset printing  high-quality


  • High fidelity in reproduction
  • Dot gain minimum
  • Washing process without solvent
  • Reduction by eliminating the use of film costs, reducing preparation time and labor
  • Increased productivity

Other information

  • Exposure with UV high power lamps
  • The plates are processable with water at temperature 25 ° C / 30 ° C
  • The time of exposure change respect the thickness, the needs and the type of equipment


  • Reproducibility halftones: 1-98% at 60 lines / cm (150 l / inch)
  • Isolated points: 0.12 mm. (0.005 inch)
  • Fine lines: 0,076 mm. (0.003 inch)
  • Sheets Properties: hardness (Shore D): 65 ° -70 °
  • Inks compatibility: oil-based inks or hydrocarbon

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