Zinc, with its excellent oxidation resistance and cost effectiveness, is commonly used for plaques, awards, signage and nameplates in addition to foil stamping, intaglio and letterpress.

LUXFER graphic arts Premium Triplemetal® Zinc starts with the highest grade zinc spelter and combines precision traces of aluminum and magnesium to produce a smoother etch. Thermal flattening and annealing ensures a uniform, flat character to the zinc plate, which etches “soft” yet is durable enough to stand the test of time.

Premium Triplemetal® Zinc plates are available pre-sensitized with Hydro-Coat® or POS-E-ZINC (Conta)® coatings. Sheets are also available non-sensitized (“polished”). Combined with Hydro-Coat® and POS-E (Conta)® developers specifically designed for each coating, our system helps you efficiently produce the results your customers expect.


Zinc Photoengraving Plates

HYDRO-COAT Triplemetal® Zinc (aqueous developed)
Triplemetal® Zinc (polished, non-sensitized)


HYDRO-COAT® Cold Developer Concentrate

Etch Additives


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