Laser cleaning system anilox Sitexco

November 1, 2020 11:35 am

The Sitexco anilox laser cleaning system is easy to use, green (no waste) and effective cleaning method to always get the best out of your aniloxes. Awarded by “FTA TECHNICAL INNOVATION 2018”, it is the only laser cleaning system that boasts decades of experience in the sector

Laser technology, combined with software with a simple and clear graphical interface, allows you to easily remove the dry ink deposited in the anilox cells.

What are the advantages of the Sitexco system?

  • cleans several aniloxes simultaneously
  • uses a single machine
  • the laser technology is calibrated not to damage the ceramic
  • the anilox is intact, even after endless cleaning
  • the laser cleaning technology is “green” and by not releasing residues, it protects the environment.

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