Take the Next Step in Flexo Printing with the LUX Platemaking Process

MacDermid’s LUX platemaking process offers printers the opportunity to print like never before. LUX, an innovative process developed by MacDermid, enables flexo printers to increase print quality, improve print consistency and, at the same time, reduce operating costs and waste. The LUX laminator is heart of the LUX process. The LUX laminator is a simple device with a small footprint that can be added to any digital platemaking workflow, using existing digital plates from MacDermid. The LUX laminator comes in two sizes: 38” for plates up to 38” in width; and 62” for plates all the way up to 52” x 80” in size.

When you want to take your flexo print to the next level, count on the company that says, “Yes We Can”, MacDermid.



  • Adds only 4-6 minutes to current digital workflow
  • Small Footprint, adjustable height
  • Available in small and large format: 38”and 62”
  • Available with an optional telescoping table to transfer the plate to the exposure frame


  • Flexible Packaging
  • Folding Carton
  • Tags and Labels
  • Sacks, Paper, Multiwall
  • Corrugated


The LUX Laminator is a simple addition to your existing digital workflow. LUX Membrane 100 is laminated to the digital plate following laser ablation. This lamination process takes between 4-6 minutes, and works with all plates, including the largest available size, 52”x 80” (1321mm x 2032mm). Following exposure on your existing unit, the Membrane is peeled off and disposed in seconds. The plate can then be processed in your existing equipment.





Membrane is laminated to the plate material, and the membrane is then removed after the exposure process. Membrane for the LUX Laminator is supplied in rolls which are 700 feet (213 meters) long and are available in a variety of widths from 29 inches (737mm) up to 51 inches (1295mm).

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