Carbon BS
Best in class Carbon Fiber Bridge

Bridge sleeves are commonly used on flexo presses to reduce sleeve weight, wall thickness and cost. Modern press productivity is sometimes offset by the nature of designs, causing vibration/bounce and visible streaks.

The Carbon BS Pneumatic Bridge technology offers exceptional dynamic response with exceptional reduction of bounce/visible streaks when it comes to printing demanding designs, as well as very low weight.

Features and benefits:

• Higher printing productivity thanks to structure damping properties and exceptional rigidity
• Reduced weight, especially on high wall thickness
• Smooth installation on press and quicker make ready

Technical datas

Pneumatic plate mounting bridge
Alternative to hydraulic clamped bridge systems

High Modulous carbon fibre

Either via mandrel (flow through) or separate air supply

Tolerance on Outer Diameter
Nominal +/- 20μm

Tolerance on TIR

Extremely durable Epoxy & technical fabrics

Wall thickness range
From 16 to 100mm

Width range
From 500 to 2000mm

Stork Diameter range
From 210 to 1400mm

Weight reduction
Varies according to geometry

Thermal expansion
Nil in standard operating conditions

Fulfill ATEX 95 requirements

Air supply
6 bars @ minimum 12l/sec

Any solvent compatible with UV, solvent and water based inks

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