The Best Performing Digital Corrugated Plate Available

MacDermid’s Digital MAF is the digital sheet photopolymer specifically designed to address all direct print corrugated board requirements.

Digital MAF has a dot profile that is optimized for post print corrugated, resulting in dramatically reduced fluting without the use of additional platemaking techniques or exposure systems. Digital MAF simply prints better; right out of the box.

For exceptional direct printing on corrugated board, count on the experts at MacDermid.

Key Features

• Lowest possible fluting with a digital plate; no extra steps necessary
• Reduced dot gain
• Faster press speeds
• Quick wash out
• Holds the finest detail in all plate thicknesses
• No cupping allows for uniform impression at all process speeds
• Chip resistant, tack free and extremely durable



Technical specifications

Digital MAF is available in thicknesses of 0.112” (2.84mm) – 0.250” (6.35mm) in sizes up to 50” x 80”.

Please contact your MacDermid representative for details.

Plate Processing

It is recommended that Digital MAF be processed with SOLVIT® M100 or SOLVIT QD. Most other safe-solvent solutions may be used.

Processing times for any particular job and process are determined by equipment and other factors; consult your MacDermid representative for help in optimizing your plate processing.

Ink/Solvent Compatibility

Digital MAF plates have ink compatibility similar to natural rubber. Plates are compatible with water and alcohol based inks containing up to 25% acetate.

Digital MAF is not recommended for oil-based inks, hydrocarbon solvents, or Inks with acetate ester content higher than 25%.


Digital MAF is a sheet photopolymer with a dot profile optimized for post print corrugate and other flexo markets that require a soft durometer plate.

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