MAXimum Print Quality Spanning a Broad Range of Package Printing

MacDermid MAX is the newest and best performing hard, analog sheet photopolymer plate from MacDermid. It is designed to deliver the MAXimum print benefit – low dot gain in screen/process color printing with smooth ink lay down for bold solids.

MAX plates work well with a wide variety of substrates and ink. This 60 durometer plate has excellent drape characteristics, making it well suited for applications involving small-diameter cylinders on narrow web presses. MAX is also an extremely low tack plate, which allows long, clean running print performance.

For eye-popping highlights, from the smallest to largest repeat lengths, count on the company that says “Yes We Can.” MacDermid.

Key features

• Excellent drap
• Low dot gain
• High resilience for clean running
• Extremely low tack (dry) plate
• Quick imaging


Flexible Packaging
Tags & Labels
Folding Carton
Sacks, Paper, Multiwall

Technical specifications

MAX is available in thicknesses of 0.030″(0.76 mm) – 0.112″(2.84mm) and in sizes up to 52″ x 80″(1,320mm x 2,032mm). Please contact your MacDermid representative for details.


Reproduction capabilities


Halftones: 0.030-0.112” gauge (0.76mm – 2.84mm)

1-95% at 175 lpi (69 lines/cm)

Fine lines: 0.002 in. (0.05mm) width

Isolated Dots: 0.003 in. (0.08mm diameter)

Fine lines and isolated dots using 0.067 (1.70mm) plate

Plate processing

Use with SOLVIT® QD is recommended. Most other safe-solvent solutions may be used.

Processing times for any particular job are determined by equipment, copy requirements and plate thickness.

Ink/Solvent Compatibility

MAX plates have ink compatibility similar to natural rubber. Plates are compatible with water and alcohol based inks containing up to 25% acetate. MAX is not recommended for oil-based inks, hydrocarbon solvents, or inks with acetate ester content higher than 25%.


MAX is an analog sheet photopolymer for use in labels, folding carton, multi-wall bag, preprinted liner, flexible packaging and other flexo markets that require a hard durometer plate.

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