A Hard Digital Plate For Ultimate Quality Graphics

MacDermid Digital Rave plates are the latest generation digital plates using advanced direct-to-plate technology, and developed using MacDermid’s solvent processing system.

Our Digital Rave plates’ laser ablative mask improves dot shape and extends image latitude,while also eliminating sources for dust and light diffusion, resulting in increased plate quality and consistency. Printers can expect to achieve significant reductions in dot gain on press, with minimal tonal correction required in the screening process. Highly durable and reliable, Digital Rave plates offer longer runs, less dot wear and reduced tack. Its high durometer reduces dot gain in screens and minimizes banding due to press bounce.

For exceptional direct-to-plate printing plates, count on the company that says “Yes We Can.”MacDermid.

Key features

• Requires significantly less dot gain correction
• Ease of handling and improved cover sheet release
• Excellent drape characteristics
• Increased image sharpness with finer highlights, crisp text and reverses
• Ozone-resistant


Flexible Packaging
Tags & Labels
Folding Carton
Sacks, Paper, Multiwall

Technical Specifications

Digital Rave is available in thicknesses of 0.045″ – 0.112″ and in sizes up to 52″ x 80″. Please contact your MacDermid representative for details.

Digital Rave has a hardness of 60 Shore A.

Reproduction capabilities

Halftones: 1-99% at 200 lpi (79 lines/cm)

Fine lines: 0.003 in. (0.076 mm) width

Isolated dots: 0.005 in. (0.127 mm) diameter

Plate processing

Digital Rave is designed to process in MacDermid processing equipment designed for use with SOLVIT® QD. Other safe-solvent solutions may be used.

Processing times for any particular job are determined by equipment, copy requirements and plate thickness.

Ink/Solvent Compatibility

Digital Rave photopolymer is compatible with UV, alcohol, water, and glycol based inks. It is not recommended for use with oil based inks or hydrocarbon solvents.


Digital Rave and other MacDermid digital photopolymer plates are recommended for high-quality, high linescreen printing on film and paper.Digital Rave is used to print preprinted linerboard, folding cartons, flexible packaging, and tags and labels.

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